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Responding to the interview today given by Minister Leo Varadkar where he described the government’s minority stake in Aer Lingus as ‘non strategic’ and indicated that it would be sold off Socialist Party TD and former Aer Lingus employee Clare Daly said:

“Given the catastrophic decline in private sector investment since the crisis began deputy Varadkar turns reality on its head when he describes that state’s strategic interest in Aer Lingus as a thing of the past.

Final sell off must be opposed

“In truth all government assets should be viewed as strategic from the point of view of preserving and improving infrastructure and services as well as providing employment. If anything the national debate should centre on how through public works and expanding state enterprises we can create the tens of thousands of jobs that the private sector refuses to create because of its investment strike.

“Privatisation has been a disaster for Aer Lingus and Eircom employees and for Irish society. I support my colleagues in Aer Lingus resisting any attempt to complete the sell off of a vital asset for our island economy. Likewise I offer my solidarity to ESB workers who are currently the target of a vile campaign from certain quarters of the media who are cynically trying to engender a mood in society for an ateality on its head when he describes that state’s strategic interest in Aer Lingus as a thing of the past.


Responding to the emerging debate on debt forgiveness for people in difficulty with their mortgages Clare Daly TD (Socialist Party/United Left Alliance Dublin North) said:

“It is rank hypocrisy for Minister Hayes to deem debt forgiveness for householders an ‘unrealistic option’ when one considers how his and the previous government have done somersaults to relieve banks of their bad loans and make them the responsibility of ordinary people including those struggling to maintain their home.

Overpriced houses from bubble era

“The opposition of Fianna Fáil finance spokesperson Michael McGrath parroting the same arguments as the government is equally galling.

“Whatever the precise cost of providing such forgiveness we can be sure that it is a figure that would be dwarfed by the scale of the bank bailouts. The Socialist Party consistently raised during the housing bubble its opposition to people being enslaved to 30 and 40 year mortgages for overpriced houses in order to obtain a home. We now say that a retrospective revaluation of all houses sold during the bubble during the last decade must take place and future payments worked out based on the true value of the home and people’s ability to pay.

“The United Left Alliance has already taken initial steps in launching a campaign of active opposition to repossessions and will seek to present a bill this autumn in the Dáil outlawing repossessions.

“The fact a debate is taking place at all and that even some pro-capitalist economists support a debt forgiveness scheme is a reflection of the reality that tens of thousands of people simply cannot meet the inflated terms of their mortgage. It is also a reflection that their is a growing climate of opposition to people being repossessed of their homes. The Socialist Party and the United Left Alliance will play its part in giving that opposition an active form in the months ahead.

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The Household Tax announced by the government today is a burden too many for the majority of ordinary people in this State.

Low and middle income workers have seen their living standards severely depressed over the last three years by wage cuts and savage impositions such as the Universal Social Charge. This latest tax, part of the EU/IMF memorandum, adds insult to the injury of working people, pensioners and the unemployed occasioned by being forced to salvage Irish and European banks from the consequences of their reckless speculation in the Irish property market.

1990s water tax defeated by non payment

Initial €100 would rocket to €500 and beyond
If this Household Tax were accepted everybody knows it would rocket to €500 and upwards within a short period. It would be a curtain raiser for further burdens such as water charges and a property tax on every home.

Anti Household and Water Tax Campaign Already established
On Saturday,16 July a meeting of activists and members of left parties and groups, following on from some initial meetings last year, resolved to launch a national campaign of opposition to new household and water taxes as soon as they were announced by government. A final name for the campaign has not yet been decided until the government clarified its proposals.

The Campaign is calling for a boycott of the charge and a mass non-payment campaign to make it unenforceable.

The Anti Household and Water Tax campaign is open to all those prepared to fight the new tax. Although members and public representatives of left groups will play an important role, it will not be affiliated to any political party or organisation and will have fully democratic structures in place.

A major series of public meeting s in cities and towns around the country will kick off in September to establish local groups in what will be a very active campaign.

Anti Water Charges campaign 1980s & 1994-‘96
The mass campaign against water charges in the 1980s and especially in Dublin from 1994-’96 under the leadership of the Federation of Dublin Anti Water Charges Campaigns serves as a model for the new campaign against the Household Tax. Tens of thousands of householders were involved in a major non-payment campaign. Attempts by Councils to intimidate householders were met by local mobilisations, defence of householders in the courts and political action. This major campaign of people power won a measure of justice for PAYE when the water tax was abolished in December 1996.


Clare Daly TD questions the Taoiseach on the EU / IMF deal prior to the upcoming European Council meeting. (22-03-11)

Clare Daly TD questions the Taoiseach on the EU / IMF deal prior to the upcoming European Council meeting. (22-03-11)

Clare Daly TD questions the Taoiseach on the EU / IMF deal prior to the upcoming European Council meeting. (22-03-11)

Clare Daly TD questions the Taoiseach on the EU / IMF deal prior to the upcoming European Council meeting. (22-03-11)