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ULA TDs invited a delegation of IBRC workers, along with their union Rep Gareth Murphy from the Irish Bank Official Association, to Leinster House last week.  The group gave a succinct and earnest presentation to members of the Oireachtas about how liquidation of the bank will effect their entitlements.

These bank workers told their personal stories of hearing of their fate via the media on the night of Feb 7th.  These ordinary people with families and homes and debts to pay became collateral damage when the bank was liquidated overnight.  Their employment contracts were terminated with immediate effect and previous commitments with regard to their redundancy terms were slashed. The temporary contracts they were given are just that temporary and time is running out.
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Now you see it, now you don’t.

Nobody should be fooled by the government spin on the deal negotiated with the ECB on the debts run up by Anglo Irish and Irish Nationwide. Not a cent of the almost €35 billion poured into these two insolvent banks has been written down.
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Last night a mockery was made of our parliamentary democracy. Under the guise of “parliamentary democracy”, legislation of monumental importance was rammed through the Dáil

March Against Austerity

in a timeframe inadequate for most government T.D’s let alone the opposition to come to terms with. Thus T.D’s effectively voted on a bill they had little or no time to grasp the implications of. What sort of a parliamentary democracy is that?

If this serves to highlight one thing, it is the need for Irish citizens now more than ever to make their voices heard. Protests and demonstrations must begin in huge numbers, starting this weekend if the Irish people are to find a voice. The government must realise that Irish people will no longer passively accept decisions of such monumental implications being rammed through the Dáil. The Irish people must have their say on the future of this country and the imposition of banker’s debts on generations more to come. Let their voices be heard.

Join the protests on Saturday February 9th taking place throughout the country. Take to the streets in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Sligo. Make the government feel the pressure of its citizens. The time is here to unite and oppose.

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Murray’s Pub Lusk

What you Should Know about the Property Tax

THURS 31 st Jan 8pm

To Defeat Property Tax YOU have to get involved.

Can you afford to have €100s taken from your income this year to pay the gambling debts of bankers and bondholders?  Come to the information meeting and find out how we can organize against this tax.