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Defence 11/12/2013

Asking Alan Shatter about army accommodation and other matters relating to the Amy base at the Curragh in Co. Kildare.


Justice 10/12/2013

Clare asked the Minister about public access to information with regard to unresolved cases.  Click on link to watch:


Defence, Foreign Affairs

A Canadian  C130 Hercules and two KC 10 US air force refueling tanks, which may indicate that they were refueling other US military aircraft that were transiting through Irish airspace.  The Hercules was at gate 42 which suggests it was carrying passengers and not cargo.  shannon 1 shannon 2 shannon 3

Defence, International

Edward Horgan of Shannon Watch witnessed the landing of U.S. military aircraft at Shannon Airport on Sunday Evening he also witnessed US soldiers on the ground near these aircraft some of whom appeared to be carrying weapons.
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Clare asked Enda Kenny about the costs and resources used by the state to provide security for the G8 summit held in Co. Fermanagh in June 2013.