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Minister Conveney questioned over continued use of Irish Defence Forces acting like private security guards for US Military, he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, in much the same way as he doesn’t seem to have a problem with Irish Troops observing the activities of the Israeli government in bombing Syria, as Al Qaida settles into the Golan Heights…

To ask the Minister for Defence his views regarding the number of occasions and cost of Defence Forces personnel being involved in ATCP duties at Shannon in 2015.

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Dáil Issues, Defence, Justice and Defence

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Dáil Issues, Defence, Justice and Defence

To ask the Minister for Defence if a stock-take of unused Defence Forces property has been conducted; the amount of that property that has been disposed of to other State bodies and by way of private sale; the plans that exist for the remainder; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

– Clare Daly.
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Two US warplanes photographed at Shannon today (see below). One is a US Navy C40 (Boeing 737)number 5836, and the other is a Hercules C130 number QH 3310.
The photo of the Omni air international chartered US troop carrier was taken on Sunday 4 Jan, by Shannonwatch and had probably been at the airport overnight.  This combination of Hercules C130 and C40 Boeing are frequently seen at Shannon.  What missions are they on and what are they carrying? Our government refuses to seek clarification.

04Jan2015 Omni Air US troop-carrier at Shannon 06Jan2015 Hercules C130 number QH3310 at Shannon 06Jan2015 US Navy C40 and Hercules C130 at Shannon with Irish army guard 06Jan2015 US Navy C40 at Shannon