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Clare tables the important issues of fracking and the controversial Gridlink 25 project which could see monstrous pylons up and down the country, with Minister Pat Rabbitte. Unfortunately they were not selected for discussion, and sadly not really answered as you will see below…..
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Forestry Bill


Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Dáil Issues, Environment

Clare, speaking on the Forestry Bill 2013, highlights the importance of our natural resources click on the link below to watch:



Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Oral Questions

Question for the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, regarding environmental impact of fracking in Ireland.  Click on link below to watch:

Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Environment

By Jacob Richards

Today marks the first steps towards water charges in Ireland with installation of water meters beginning across the country. As things stand water meters are expected to be in place across the country in time for the introduction of water charges in 2015.  The sight of water meters being installed will no doubt provoke uncertainty for many people and families across the country. This uncertainty will rest on the notion that once introduced there is no telling how high water charges may reach, further squeezing those already stretched to the limit by crippling property taxes and other levies. Yet if any positive can be taken right now it is that there is still time to act out against the introduction of water charges.
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