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Clare recently raised questions regarding the investigations by the communications regulator regarding the detected unlicensed transmission near Middle Abbey Street.

To ask the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources the number of investigations that have been undertaken by ComReg in relation to unlicensed transmissions, such as that identified by the reported broadcast of a UK GSM cellular ID near Middle Abbey Street; if he has discussed this matter with ComReg; and his concerns regarding this matter.
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Broadcasting Bill


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Click on the link below to hear Clare speaking on the Amendment to the Broadcasting Bill 2014, which intends to remove the term offence from the original Bill.  This Bill comes about in the aftermath of the Pantigate controversy which saw RTE payout a substantial sum to parties who were offended at being labelled homophobic, regardless of the fact that the word was an accurate description of their attitudes towards members of the LGBT community.

Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Dáil Issues, Local Issues

Clare spoke on the Technical Group’s private members motion to defend the Post Office Network.  Click on the link below to watch her contribution:

Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Dáil Issues, Dáil Work, Oral Questions

Clare tables the important issues of fracking and the controversial Gridlink 25 project which could see monstrous pylons up and down the country, with Minister Pat Rabbitte. Unfortunately they were not selected for discussion, and sadly not really answered as you will see below…..
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