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by Jamison Maeda

As political and religious leaders continue to flood the airwaves with decades old rhetoric about family values and the American way of life, ordinary people mourn the death of a another child murdered by the very people who adopted her.

Hana Alemu was born in Ethiopia, and adopted by an America couple from Washington State. Carri and Larry Williams, the adoptive parents, beat, starved and tortured Hana. They kept her locked in a closet or outside where she used an outdoor toilet and was hosed down with cold water.
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Clare Daly asked the minister for Children about continuing delays in putting forward legislation to cater for tracing rights for the thousands of people who were illegally adopted over decades in Ireland. Click on the link below to watch.

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Government must show commitment to  Introduce a programme for Bilateral Cochlear Implants now.FG Children's Referendum poster

Ministers James Reilly, Kathleen Lynch and Alex White have all stated in the last week that the programme for bilateral cochlear implants is a priority.  Despite months of positive comments about its introduction no Government Minister has given any commitment to approve the funding to introduce the programme.
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Aisling from Malahide Community School discusses advantages and disadvantages of lowering the voting age.

Many young people in Ireland today have campaigned for the right to vote at sixteen years of age. While many would say that this is a good idea, many would also have their arguments against it. Here are the main arguments teens put forward both for and against the right to vote at sixteen:
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