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The issue of providing a permanent home for the Irish Seal Sanctuary was originally proposed for Balbriggan was raised this week in the Dáil by Clare Daly. The proposal intended to bring together the Sanctuary and a Maritime museum for the town has been continuously put on the long finger by the County Council.
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Save Moore Street


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Technical Group Submission on Moore St. – January 2013

This submission is being made by members of the Technical Group of the 31st Dáil.

Members did tour the site with the relatives and are making the following observations in the submission.
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Correspondence between Waterways Ireland and Developer Regarding Lowtown Marina “are neither genuine nor authentic”, “in the opinion of Waterways Ireland”.

Waterways Ireland have written to the office of Clare Daly TD in relation to controversial emails previously highlighted by our office which appeared to show a cosy relationship between a Waterways Ireland official and a developer in relation to Lowtown Marina in Naas (See August Posting).
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Responding to leaked e mail correspondence between Waterways Ireland and Developer Ian Brabazon regarding the latters intentions to develop Lowtown Marina in Naas Clare Daly TD said:

“It would appear from this correspondence that the publicity arising from the active opposition of current long time residents of the marina (see press statement below from last March) delayed the efforts of Waterways Ireland to drive these people out.

“The informality and cosiness in the correspondence between a Waterways Ireland official and developer Ian Brabazon is disturbing and in stark contrast to the near complete lack of engagement by Waterways Ireland and the residents at the Marina and likewise their refusal to talk to my office about this case.

“The rights of the current residents are paramount and the efforts by the developer and Waterways Ireland to turn this Marina into a playground for the rich should be opposed.”

see also March 20th 2012 Lowtown Marina, Naas – barge dweller evictions