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To ask the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine if he will provide details of the recent loan of €250,000 granted by Bord na gCon to a company (details supplied) in County Tipperary particularly in view of reported debts on the part of both the board and the company receiving the loan, and reports of the company’s inability to pay Bord na gCon’s race entry fees; if he will provide details on the decision making process as regards the granting of this loan; and if he will make a statement on the matter.
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Agriculture/Animal Welfare


Grey Seals around the Irish coastline are now at the peak of their pupping season.
The combination of extreme events of wind and tide over the coming month and beyond often separates pups from mothers resulting in displaced Whitecoats (unweaned orphans) and Moulters (weaned young Grey Seals challenged by sea conditions and learning to feed)…..beaching themselves in strange places.
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Factory Farming


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by Jamison Maeda

Despite the windmills and rolling hills on the packaging, nothing
about the factory farming industry resembles farming whatsoever. The
fact is factory farms and feed lots are cruel, brutal businesses owned
by giant corporations that are very loosely regulated if at all. And
in the absence of regulation and review, the practices of many factory
farms have reached a level of animal cruelty never before seen in
human history.
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