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Recent Questions put to the Minister for Agriculture regarding the selling of Irish Forests and Animal Cruelty
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Jamison Maeda

Raccoon dogs are not raccoons, but rather small dogs found in East Asia and Siberia. They are very social, preferring to have a friend or mate around. Raccoon dogs are monogamous. The males bringing food to pregnant females and take an active role in care for their puppies.
They are also frequently used for their fur.
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To ask the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine the steps he has taken for developing plant science here.
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by Jacob Richards

Many of us will have noticed the ever-increasing use of the term “fracking” that is coming up for debate in various media locally and nationally. It seems that “fracking” is now a hot topic that inspires controversy wherever it is said. “Fracking” in very simple terms is a process whereby highly pressurised fluid often containing hundreds of chemicals, is pumped until it bores into the layers of rock thousands of feet under the earth’s surface. By doing this the rock becomes fractured releasing pockets of gas which are then pumped back to the surface to be used as a means of fuel. The process has taken off particularly in the United States over the last ten years. This sounds well and good but in reality the process has caused great damage to local environments and also posed health risks to local communities.
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