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Clare tables the important issues of fracking and the controversial Gridlink 25 project which could see monstrous pylons up and down the country, with Minister Pat Rabbitte. Unfortunately they were not selected for discussion, and sadly not really answered as you will see below…..
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I recently asked the Minister for Justice about the ongoing discrimination against social welfare recipients in regard to the rental housing market, see his reply below.
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Pensions Board

To ask the Minister for Social Protection the steps she has taken to ensure that in the guidance notes for the Pensions Board in relation to the recently enacted Social Welfare and Pensions No.2 Act that a scale of protection to recognise length of service, age, duration and varying contributions made, is included to protect members with long pensionable service and contributions; and that the Pensions Board are required to not just notify pensioners about reductions but to provide for negotiations and appeals. – Clare Daly.
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Balbriggan Library Move

To ask the Minister for Social Protection the criteria for the establishment and location of Intreo offices; if it is appropriate that these services should lead to existing well supported amenities being relocated.
Clare Daly.
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