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Clare speaking during leaders questions shortly after the resignation of the Minister for Justice and Defence.  Making the point that we still need a root and branch review of An Garda Síochána, the issue has always been about Garda malpractice and this matter still needs to be addressed.  Click on the link below to watch the video:


Education Questions


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Recent questions to the Minister for education:
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Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Dáil Issues, Oral Questions

Clare recently raised questions regarding the investigations by the communications regulator regarding the detected unlicensed transmission near Middle Abbey Street.

To ask the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources the number of investigations that have been undertaken by ComReg in relation to unlicensed transmissions, such as that identified by the reported broadcast of a UK GSM cellular ID near Middle Abbey Street; if he has discussed this matter with ComReg; and his concerns regarding this matter.
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Social Protection


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I recently asked the Minister for Social Protection a number of questions relating to the treatment of social welfare recipients in this state at a time when many are undergoing severe hardship in relation to housing and limited family finances.
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