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Property Tax


Economy, Oral Questions

I recently asked the Minister for Finance a question about the hardship property taxes are causing people on welfare.
To ask the Minister for Finance the reason a person who offered to have their property tax bill deducted from their pension, had that request declined on the basis that they would be left with an income below €186, and as a result has been levied with penalties for the arrears, penalties which continue to rise; and his views on whether this is fair and equitable.
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Dáil Issues, Leaders Questions, Worker's Rights

Clare raised the matter of the attacks on the living standards of unionised workers at Greyhound waste company.  Click on the link below to watch:

Dáil Issues, Defence, Oral Questions

Clare asked the  Minister for Defence to find engage with the residents of the Curragh Camp who are facing eviction.  Click on the link below to watch:

Dáil Issues, Environment, Oral Questions

To ask the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government his views on the recent advice note from the Association of Consulting Engineers in Ireland regarding the discovery that concrete blockwork from at least one manufacturer of concrete blocks has been found to contain pyrite type materials, elevated levels of sulphur, which in the presence of water will lead to weakening of the load bearing capacity of the concrete blockwork and over time to the possible disintegration of the blockwork; the required testing of concrete blockwork for this known threat and the implications for structures built with this blockwork.
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