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Clare asks the Minister for Defense when he will bring about the cessation of contracts with his department and companies who are profiting from illegal Israeli settlements.  See link below:


Clare asks Minister Coveney about the protection of US military aircraft at Shannon.  The state insist on protecting US war planes but no such commitment is given to protect the lives of people of Afghanistan or Palestine.  See links below to watch:




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To ask the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources if he will consider establishing a State oil/gas exploration company to seek an arrangement with Governments which have control over their oil/gas resources to directly link up and secure the benefits of our natural resources for the Irish people rather than multinationals.

Clare Daly 
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Slaughter in Gaza


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Clare spoke this week in the Dáil about the ongoing slaughter in Palestine.  Click on the link below to watch part of the discussion:


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Question No:  105 Ref No:  30808/14

To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection if she will abolish the rent supplement ceilings which are completely unrealistic in present market conditions, and allow CWOs to sanction appropriate payments based on their experience in the area in order to reduce the numbers of families that are being driven to homelessness.
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