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Clare questions the Taoiseach on why his party will not allow a free vote on the Bill to allow terminations in the cases of fatal foetal abnormality, and asks him why the Government will not publish the advice of the Attorney General on the matter.

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Clare spoke on a new private members bill for Dáil reform dealing with the need for more democratic procedures. Click on the link below to watch:


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See below two questions to minister for Foreign Affairs regarding the use of Shannon Airport by foreign Military aircraft breaching our neutrality and how diplomatic immunity is being used as an excuse to avoid calling to account those guilty of torture.

To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade his plans to change existing arrangements between his Department and the Department of Justice and Equality and the Department of Defence in relation to the monitoring of foreign military aircraft on Irish territory in order to ensure our neutrality is not breached.
– Clare Daly.

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To ask the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources if he will provide assurances to Dáil Éireann that due to the serious risk associated with fracking that because of our dependence on tourism and agriculture and also the health implications for the population, that a company (details supplied) will not be granted an exploration licence; and that this matter of fracking will end – Clare Daly.
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