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Government stands over appalling decision to appoint a pro-fracking company to carry out a two year “Research Programme” into the potential impacts on environment and human health from fracking!!! Meanwhile residence in Dublin cannot even get access to broadband as a result of privatisation… You couldn’t make it up…
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Minister for the Environment fails to address really serious and valid concerns highlighted in a recent report commissioned by Joe Tyrell, which exposes HomeBond’s repudiation of claims and suggests that homeowners are lawfully entitled to have their claims validated…a good test case could go a long way…any volunteers?
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To ask the Minister for Defence if his attention has been drawn to the Freedom of Information request, released by the British Ministry of Defence in April 2015 which revealed almost 1000 former servicemen and women required psychiatric treatment and are suffering serious mental health problems after being prescribed Lariam; and his plans to review the Irish Defence Forces use of the controversial drug. 
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Clare raises key INTO demands for a better primary education with Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan. Urgent need to address the worst pupil/teacher ratio/class sizes in the Eurozone, and increase the amount of capitation per student at primary level to ensure all our young people have the best chances in life. Disadvantage in the early years carries through the system.
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