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CRC Pension Wind-Up


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Clare on the unilateral wind-up of the CRC pension scheme, undertaken without any consultation with staff who had paid into it all their working lives. The treatment of staff throughout has been shocking, and there are major questions around why the scheme needed to be wound up at all. Transcript below.

Deputy Clare Daly: There is something incredibly rotten around this. It has the potential to put other CRC controversies into the shade. Overnight, unilaterally and without warning, a pension scheme was shut down that loyal staff members had paid into all their working lives. Subsequent to that decision, those staff members have been unable to meet the members of the board of the CRC who have no problem going to a gala dinner in the Burlington tonight. It is absolutely reprehensible.
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Clare denounces the Government’s decision to renew, for yet another year, the draconian emergency powers in the Offences Against the State and the Criminal Justice (Amendment) Acts, which have been widely criticised by any number of human rights bodies, and which have been totally ineffective in stopping organised crime. Transcript below.

Deputy Clare Daly: It is a bit distressing to be here again for our annual ritual debate about whether to retain for another year the emergency powers in the Offences Against the State Act and section 8 of the Criminal Justice (Amendment) Act. It is deeply ironic they are supposed to be emergencies but they have become a norm in this country. Every year the Minister tells us the threat is unchanged and is the same as it was the last time and that these are exceptional powers and must be retained. Given what we have witnessed over the past year, with the rise in organised crime, is this failure of the legislation to in any way deal with this situation not even evidence enough on its own of how futile it is, not to mind the appalling trampling wholesale on the human rights of individuals for it? Has the penny not dropped, given what has happened here while the Government has been utilising this legislation, that a different approach will have to be necessary?
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