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Clare submitted two Oral Questions to the Minister for Business about Irish weapons exports in 2017 – unfortunately neither was selected for debate, but you can read the written responses below.

For Oral Answer on : 18/04/2018
Question Number(s): 49 Question Reference(s): 16605/18
Department: Business, Enterprise and Innovation


To ask the Minister for Business; Enterprise and Innovation the number of applications for a licence to export military or dual use items denied by her Department in 2017.


My Department is responsible for controls on the export of these military and dual use items from Ireland. 
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Clare asked the Minister for Justice about the expulsion of a Russian diplomat from Ireland despite the lack of hard evidence connecting Russia to the Salisbury attack; she also asked him for an update on the progress of the statutory inquiries initiated as a result of the Independent Review Mechanism. Unfortunately neither question was selected from the lottery for debate on the floor of the House, but you can read the written responses below.

For Oral Answer on : 17/04/2018
Question Number(s): 64 Question Reference(s): 16538/18
Department: Justice and Equality


To ask the Minister for Justice and Equality if he has requested the Garda Commissioner to explain when and the way in which the information contained in the intelligence report that led to the expulsion of a Russian diplomat came to light regarding the activities of the person concerned; the number of meetings that took place between An Garda Síochána, the Defence Forces and other organisations in relation to completing the intelligence report; and if he is satisfied that An Garda Síochána has been appropriately monitoring this reported security threat.
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