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To ask the Minister for Agriculture; Food and the Marine the steps his Department takes to monitor breaches in the codes of practice regarding the selling and supply of goods through published advertisements, online or printed, regarding the sale of dogs and or puppies that have been bred illegally or are being sold to take part in illegal hunting activities.


The Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group (IPAAG) Minimum Standards, for online classified advertising websites, was launched in 2015. IPAAG is an advisory group of Irish animal welfare organisations, representatives from the veterinary profession and online websites. I fully endorse these Minimum Standards and would strongly encourage websites that advertise animals for sale to comply with them.

The Dog Breeding Establishments Act 2010, under the responsibility of the Minister for Rural and Community Development, sets out a framework for the regulation of dog-breeding establishments, requiring local authorities to establish and maintain registers of such establishments in their areas and prohibiting the operation of unregistered ones.

My Department is fully committed to promoting good practices that respect the welfare of all animals. I would encourage anyone who has evidence of a breach of animal welfare to report it to the Animal Welfare Hotline operated by my Department. The phone numbers of the hotline are as follows:

Call Save: 0761 064408

Phone: 01 6072379

Breaches of animal welfare can also be emailed to

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To ask the Minister for Rural and Community Development the measures his Department is considering as a result of the public consultation process that will tighten up enforcement of regulations and licence conditions for dog breeding.

– Clare Daly T.D.
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To ask the Minister for Transport; Tourism and Sport the status of the planned Metro North for Swords; if problems have been identified; the way in which he plans to conduct the consultation process with residents; and if it will be delivered within the announced time-frame.

– Clare Daly T.D.

For ORAL answer on Tuesday, 24 April, 2018.


As the Deputies are already aware the recently published National Development Plan (NDP), which was launched earlier this year by Government as part of Project Ireland 2040, brings together the Metro North and Metro South projects, as envisaged by the NTA’s GDA Strategy, into one project called MetroLink.
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