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Clare challenges the Government over its plans to privatise Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann routes, a move that will lead to higher prices, poorer services, and the undermining of workers’ rights and wages.

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Clare challenges the Taoiseach over garda reform, the McGinn report into the Father Niall Molloy case, and the independent review mechanism, saying, ‘Can we now take it that the review is nothing more than a fig leaf to divert attention from serious allegations of Garda malpractice?’

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Clare questions the Taoiseach on why his party will not allow a free vote on the Bill to allow terminations in the cases of fatal foetal abnormality, and asks him why the Government will not publish the advice of the Attorney General on the matter.

Dáil Issues, Leaders Questions, Worker's Rights

Clare raised the matter of the attacks on the living standards of unionised workers at Greyhound waste company.  Click on the link below to watch: