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Dáil Debates, Foreign Affairs, Transport Tourism and Sport

During the debate on the States Airport Bill Clare raises the issue of military aircraft landing at Shannon.  Click on the link below to watch:


Dáil Debates, Transport Tourism and Sport

Speaking on the State Airports (Shannon) bill 2014 Clare raises the root of the problems in the IAS scheme, deliberate management underfunding, and poor investment decisions, with pensioners and future pensioners being asked to pay.

She also talks about the hit taken by pensioners and proposed for deferred members of the IAS scheme by the Shannon Bill  and also makes some points about the impact of the national aviation policy currently on display in relation to eroding jobs and conditions of Irish airport workers. Click on the links below to watch her contribution to this debate:



Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Dáil Debates

Clare speaking on the proposed changes to the fiscal system for tax for off shore petroleum exploration, points out the ineffectiveness of these changes which are not retroactive.  Click on the link below to watch:



Care not Custody


Dáil Debates, Health, Prisoners

Clare speaking on a motion on mental health, emphasized the fact that many current prisoners  in Irish jails are dealing with mental health problems and custodial sentences exacerbate their difficulties rather than deal with the underlying problems.  Click on the link below to listen: