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Dáil Debates, Economy, National

Clare Speaking on the reality of the Budget for most families and the current governments inability to recognise the damage that austerity has caused and unwillingness to shift the burden on to the shoulders of those who caused economic chaos.  Click on the link below to watch Clare’s Budget statement:


Children and Youth Affairs, Dáil Debates, Equality, Human Rights

Clare Speaking on the Civil Registration Bill 2014, raises questions about some of the inconsistencies in terms of  rights including fathers rights and adopted people’s right to access their identities. Click on the link below to watch:



Dáil Debates, Jobs, Worker's Rights

Clare Daly speaking on changes to the law regarding workplace relations, questions the large number of injustices against workers and criticizes the race to the bottom which has undermined workplace rights.  Click on the link below to watch:


Dáil Debates, Justice, Justice and Defence

Clare Daly discussing the need for real and fundamental change in the structures of An Garda Síochána. Click on the link below to watch: