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Workers’ Rights


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Clare speaking on a Labour Party private members motion on Workers’ Rights.  The Labour Party presided over some of the worse attacks of working people over the last five years are unconvincing in their new found commitment to workers rights.  Robust legislation is needed to protect workers and defend their right to join a Trade Union.  See video below for her contribution to the debate:

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Clare’s contribution to yesterday’s Statements on Mental Health.

Transcript below.

Deputy Clare Daly:     I thank the Deputies and the Acting Chairman. The number of people who want to speak and the fact we are debating who goes first are indicative of the seriousness with which the public and Deputies across the House take the issue. When the debate started, there was a big outcry on social media that we were not in the Chamber and were not interested in speaking but that reflects the lack of public knowledge about how this House works. It is normal for people not to be in the Chamber during part of a debate. It also showed that people wanted to engage with and to watch this Parliament for once because we were discussing an issue of critical importance.
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Clare speaking about the O’Higgins Commission yesterday in the Dáil. She tells the Minister that ‘it is way past time’ for Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan to go, saying:
‘Now the dogs on the street know what we have been telling her for two years: nothing has changed. It has just been an illusion.

‘As Deputy Wallace said, we have come in here 18 times over the past two years and given the Minister detailed specific information about the horror being endured by current Garda whistleblowers, not to mind the written questions we have tabled to her, and she has done nothing.’

Full transcript below.
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Transcript below:

Deputy Clare Daly:     I am glad I objected to the Order of Business earlier in terms of the allocation of speaking time on this issue, as the original proposal would have seen the rest of the House confined to a mere 30 minutes, with the majority of the time given to the sub-committee members. As matters have turned out, the sub-committee members did not use all of their time and we may have enough time to make our contributions. However, the principle of seeking more time was right. I was not pressing for more time in order to take away from the work of the sub-committee members. Tremendous work has gone into this issue over the past weeks and members of all parties and none have given of their time voluntarily to try to make this place a bit more democratic and accountable. There is an urgency to the situation because it is so long now since the election was held and yet we are not up and running. For those of us on this side of the House, the structures around how we are going to get to that are not even clear. This situation needs to end quickly.
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