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Clare tells the Minister for Social Protection that the scandalous way the CRC Pension Plan was wound up has to be addressed, and warns him that if he doesn’t act, there will be far-reaching implications for other Defined Benefit pension schemes.

Bin Charges debate


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Clare on the ‘the new Irish Water’ – pay-by-weight waste charges – and the fact that freezing charges for a year does nothing to address the massive, underlying problems with a privatised waste system.

Bin Charges


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There is no doubt that the so-called withdrawal of the recycling charge lauded by the new Minister for the Environment Simon Coveney has just given way to a spike in the overall charges which are going to have a serious impact on the economic circumstances of citizens.

Clare has been consistently raising the huge problems around the introduction of pay-by-weight, and the outrageous charges being levied by companies for several weeks. You can find copies of parliamentary questions submitted on this issue below. We have also been in correspondence with Panda on this, and our queries have been referred to the Consumer and Competition Protection Commission by the Minister for investigation. Joan Collins, raised this yesterday with the Taoiseach at Leaders’ Questions, and today  other parties followed suit. The Government is now under huge pressure to do something about this, and to revoke the Statutory Instrument that gives effect to the new charges.

We will be keeping the pressure on on this issue.
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Establishment parties collude to protect multi-nationals from European Commission efforts to deliver very basic tax transparency measures. Clearly happy to promote Ireland as a place where tax evasion and avoidance is facilitated.