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Action for Choice PRESS RELEASE 18 August 2014 


Action for Choice calls for an immediate referendum to repeal the Eighth amendment following this weekend’s reports of a suicidal rape victim being denied her legal right to an abortion by the Irish State under the current guidelines.   
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Details emerging that a young, suicidal woman of precarious immigration status, the victim of a traumatic rape was refused an abortion, and subsequently had the child delivered by Caesarian section, have again brought centre stage the urgent need to Repeal the 8th Amendment and implement measures to deal with abortion for women who are the victims of rape & incest, cases of fatal foetal abnormalities and where a woman’s health is in danger, as strongly recommended recently by the UNHRC.
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Tear Gas used on Protestors in Ferguson Missouri

Tear Gas used on Protestors in Ferguson Missouri

   Jamison Maeda

Last Saturday’s fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed American teenager in Ferguson, Missouri led to 4 nights of protests which have been mostly peaceful. However, the horrific police reaction to the protests shocked many across the U.S. and has received much international criticism.
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The Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign have produced a document (see below) which outlines their view of the crisis and the political steps necessary to help bring justice to the Palestine-Israel region.

The document explores and addresses eleven of the most common misconceptions about the conflict, and makes the recommendation that only by sanctioning Israel will the international community be able to help put a stop to that states’ constant human rights and international law violations against the Palestinian people.

Gaza Conflict IPSC Briefing Document (29-07-2014)