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Speaking on the Constitutional Conference’s recommendation to have a referendum to remove the Blasphemy clause in the Constitution.  Click on the link below to watch Clare’s contribution:



Dáil Debates, Human Rights

Speaking this week on a private members motion to end the crisis and inhumanity of the Direct Provision system inIreland.  Click on the link below to watch.


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An excellent article from Justice Watch Ireland written by Kevin Hearty in relation to the implications of recent Court of Appeal judgements earlier this month, which have a bearing on the Craigavon Two case.

Two cases in recent weeks have once again focused attention on miscarriages of justice in the North of Ireland. Both cases come on the back of appeals against unsafe convictions for conflict related offences and, perhaps more importantly, both cases offer a valuable insight into the processes that lie at the heart of miscarriage of justice cases. Although there are notable differences in context and substance between both these cases and that of Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton there are nonetheless certain parallels worth drawing through an examination of the processes that birthed the miscarriage of justice in these historic case and that lying at the heart of the Craigavon 2 case.
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Water Charges


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Speaking today on the Water Services (Exempt Charges) Bill 2014, Clare stated that the bulldozing through of this charge will wipe out disposable income for many families. The prospect of bills of hundreds of euro will be a blow too far for many.  Access to water is a human right and should be based on need and not ability to pay and that is a right worth fighting for.  Click on the link below to watch: