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Statement from the Coalition of Mother and Baby Homes Survivors

Well known campaigner and author Paul Jude Redmond has resigned from Minister Zappone’s Survivors Forum claiming it is a ‘cynical, time wasting farce of no benefit to living survivors’. The full text of his letter of resignation is below.
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The Position of the Tuam Home Survivors Network in agreeing to meet Government members on Monday 22nd October 2018.

Birth and Death Certificates for the former Tuam Home number 1101 births within the Home and 796 deaths within the Home. Of those recorded as dying within the Home, slightly in excess of 79% failed to reach the age of one year.

The graveyard records of Galway County Council disclose burial places for just two of those children. Despite the previous knowledge of both Galway County Council and the Bon Secours Order, the presence of large numbers of infant remains was finally confirmed by an exploratory dig at the Tuam site in October 2016. It further confirmed that the resting place of those remains had, for some decades, served as repository for sewerage.

That partial excavation confirmed what was already reasonably believed – that a large number at least of the children who had died as inmates of the Home, for whom no burial records exist, lie with the remains of that sewerage system.
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