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by Thomas G Maher

In 2012, John Paul Wooten and Brendan McConville were convicted of the 2009 killing of PSNI Constable Steven Carroll in Craigavon, Co. Armagh. Both men have maintained their innocence since the day of their arrest and interrogation by the PSNI.
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Survivors have broadly welcomed the Terms of Reference for the forthcoming Mother & Baby home Inquiry. It is a genuine relief to see that Minister Reilly has listened to the Voices of survivors and included the vast majority of our issues and concerns directly in the Inquiry. We particularly welcome the flexibility built into the Inquiry which will allow for all unnamed institutions and issues to be addressed as Judge Murphy can follow where the evidence leads. While there is still work to be done and fine details to sort out, we regard the Terms of Reference as a good faith attempt by the Government and Minister Reilly to do the right thing.Paul Redmond, Spokesperson for CMABS said, “The survivor community see this is the beginning of the end. While much work is still needed, the inclusive terms of reference and Minister Reilly’s commitment to fund Memorials for all the Angel’s Plots will allow the survivor community to begin the slow process of healing.”


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Click on the links below to watch Clare’s contribution to the debate on the Right to Personal Autonomy and Bodily Integrity Bill 2014:

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Coalition of Mother and Baby Home Survivors call upon Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Cabinet for a survivor centered, fully inclusive Inquiry that must meet the standards of a UN Inquiry.

1.   Acknowledgement, Apology and Full Restorative Justice first.

Since there is abundant, conclusive and irrefutable evidence through official records and eye witness testimony as to what  happened in the Mother & Baby homes and the vast network of other Institutions and  groups with whom they interacted, there should be an immediate Acknowledgment and Apology to all Survivors. Justice delayed is justice denied and the aging profile of the survivor community means that Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Tánaiste Joan Burton, the Cabinet, and Government must act at once. Full restorative justice must immediately follow the official Acknowledgement and Apology. Survivors stand absolutely united on this point of Principle of putting Survivors First.
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