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The Islamisation of Birmingham

there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim

where non-Moslems just simply don’t go

Steve Emerson, Terrorism Expert, on Fox News


Most reckon it was the day Ozzy Osbourne

walked out the gates of Winson Green Prison,

ready to commit acts of musical terrorism

in a desperate effort to undermine Christ,

that the City began turning instead

to Mecca. All agree


the situation grew

more serious each time Roy Wood sang:

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

in the hope we wouldn’t notice

the big mad beard he got

at a training camp in Pakistan.


Spaghetti Junction was already

jammed with Moslem only vehicles,

the night the Mulberry Bush

and Tavern in the Town

were blown up by Moslems

disguised as IRA men.

Since then every nil all draw

between Aston Villa and Birmingham City

has been celebrated by stadiums half full

of nothing but Moslems.


Truth is, it started way back,

the night Chamberlain signed

his secret treaty with Adolf, agreeing

in the event of war with Russia, to hand

the birthplace of Enoch Powell

over to the Islams.


These days the local economy is mostly

Jaguar Cars and Cadbury’s chocolate

being secretly manufactured by Moslems

for export to terrorist countries busy

thinking up new ways to kill us.



Note: All people, pubs, companies, and football teams mentioned in this poem are native to Birmingham, with the exception of the late Adolf Hitler, who was born in the small Austrian town of Braunau am Inn, though his people did visit Birmingham in 1940, 41, 42, & 43.

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by Jamison Maeda
In the winter of 1890, near the end of the North American Indian Wars, members of a band of Minneconjou and Hunkpapa Lakota were attacked and killed by the US Army in what is known as the Wounded Knee Massacre. Unarmed and in the process of surrendering, the Lakota people were
slaughtered by the United States Army’s 7th Cavalry. As many as 300 Native American men, women, and children lost their lives. The dead were thrown into a mass grave.
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United National Anti-War Coalition statement from the US, responds in real solidarity with the victims of violence & extremism, for freedom of expression & against racism & imperialism.

We are NOT Charlie Hebdo!
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Francois Hollande
and other heads of state at Paris March
Neither do we condone the bombings and murder of journalists at their headquarters, however much we are repulsed by their racist, chauvinist and hateful Islamophobic caricatures of oppressed people. Neither do we condone the subsequent murders at the Paris Kosher supermarket.
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