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Armenian Genocide


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This is a very relevant and important piece by Ed Horgan, Shannon Watch activist and a member of Veterans for Peace, who was arrested last Saturday attempting to inspect a US Hercules C130 aircraft as he was about to board a flight to Britain.

Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Adolf Hitler 1939
Certainly the Irish Government dares not speak of the annihilation and genocide of the Armenians.

Today I attended the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide at Tanner Parish Church in Dundrum Dublin. An Taoiseach Enda Kenny was invited to attend, but not only declined, but also declined to send any Irish Government representative. There were no Ministers, TDs or even Senators available to represent the Irish Government. Yet, as we all know, Government ministers and TDs spend far too much time attending funerals of their constituents all over the country.
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18Apr2015 4 Hercules C130 Shannon b

4 Hercules C130 at Shannon Airport 18/04/2015

Solidarity & best wishes to Ed Horgan who while on his way to board a flight to attend a Veterans for Peace meeting decided to attempt to carry out a search for weapons on 4 Hercules c-130s present at Shannon this morning. As many US military aircraft as there were civilian aircraft. Ed was arrested & not allowed to take his flight. As Clare Daly & Mick Wallace prepare to return to Ennis for the judgment in relation to their case next Wednesday, April 22nd, Ed’s action was a fitting one…

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By Jamison Maeda

In the year 2030, the demand for water will exceed our supply by 40%. This is according to a white paper published by Truscost.  Drinkable water will become the world’s most valuable commodity, more valuable than gold or oil. This is not a secret. Corporations such as Nestlé, Coke, and Pepsico have been scrambling to gain control over the water market for years. In our society of gross inequality, the privatization of the world’s water supply will lead to control of our water by the wealthy, and limited access to it for the poor.
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03April2015 OMNI Air US Troop carrier at ShannonHello all,
Good Friday is celebrated by many in Ireland as the day Christ was crucified. Over the centuries, a corrupted version of Christianity perpetrated many crimes against humanity, including the Crusades and the Inquisition, just as a corrupted version of Islam is now perpetrating crimes against humanity in Kenya, Libya, Syria, and many countries across the Middle East. Ireland is continuing with its support for a corrupted version of the Crusades by allowing the US military to transport troops, war materials and special forces on assassination missions through Shannon airport.

This good Friday morning there were two US warplanes at Shannon. One was an OMNI Air International chartered to carry US troops through Shannon airport, and the other was a US NAVY Hercules C130T. These warplanes were being protected by an Irish army patrol, arguably playing the role of Pontius Pilot’s Ro03April2015 US Navy Hercules C130 number AX4998 at Shannonman Soldiers?

The United States is now involved in some many unjustified conflicts, most of which they have caused, directly or indirectly, in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and most recently in Yemen through its proxy Saudi Arabia.

Hope you have a nice and peaceful Easter. At the receiving end of such warplanes, many innocent civilians may be bombed and killed this Easter. May they rest in peace.