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Always money to fund wars but never the resources to fund peace. Clare speaking on the EU’s response to the refugee crisis points out  Ireland’s culpability in this humanitarian disaster and the need for us to deal with why it happened.

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by Jamison Maeda, 12068572_1205963929419538_2926153841962050896_o

On Saturday, 26 September, thousands of spirited men and women again passionately took to the streets of Dublin for the fourth time with a clear message:  Repeal the 8th Amendment.
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Statement from Survivor Groups

The Collin’s family return visit to Ireland for justice ended in shock and tears today as the Department of Justice locked their doors and secured the building as the family and their supporters arrived. Despite pleas through the windows to accept the letter they had traveled from London to deliver, officials inside point blank refused although arrangements had been made in advance with the Garda. After an upset and tearful protest on the steps of the Department building on Stephen’s Green, a decent uniformed Garda on duty, accepted the letter and brought it inside although he had difficulty in doing so.
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Protest 1 pm Central Bank

Protest 1 pm Central Bank