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Given recent events in a Donegal court last week, whereby a trial went ahead without an ISL interpreter present for  a deaf defendant, Clare asked the Minister for Justice to ensure that this injustice is not repeated.  The recognition of Irish Sign Language is at the core of this issue and is vital in order to protect the rights of deaf people in this state.

To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality the initiatives She proposes to take to ensure that deaf citizen’s rights to Irish Sign Language interpreters is protected in order to allow them access essential State services, particularly following an incident (details supplied).

Clare Daly
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This morning at approx 6am there was a faith based action at Shannon Airport by Dave Donnellan and

Colm Roddy and DAve Donnellan at Shannon Airport

Colm Roddy and Dave Donnellan at Shannon Airport

Colm Roddy in response to Irelands continuing support of US wars conducted in the middle east. They entered the airfield and sprayed the main runway with red crosses to represent all the innocent blood spilt by these wars. Two planes consecutively took off without them being detected until they reached a US military Lear jet, located on the old runway 11 almost half a mile away,… where they were arrested.


Dawn was just breaking to the light was not good for photos.

The Learjet is the same one that was mentioned in the previous post last night, and in addition there was another larger US military aircraft number 24452, which took off while Dave and Colm were close to the main runway, carrying a banner and an Irish flag, signifying Irish sovereignty being abuses by US military at Shannon airport. It seems amazing the Dave and Colm were not detected until they had crossed two runways and walked over half a mile waving the Irish flag.

As they walked passed the Irish Army patrol vehicle they were spotted by the soldiers who then alerted the Gardaí sitting in the nearby Garda Patrol car, and they then called the Airport Police who detained Dave and Colm. They were later transferred in to two Garda Patrol cars to Shannon Garda Station where presumably they are now being interrogated. Before Dave and Colm entered the air field, they said some prayers for peace, and for the victims of violence in the Middle East and for the suffering of refugees fleeing these wars being actively facilitated by the Irish Government, An Garda Siochana and the Shannon airport authority.

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20160520_113255Clare Daly was among a delegation of five TD’s who earlier today visited anti-water charges activists Sean Doyle and Eamon McGrath in Cloverhill Prison. The two Wicklow men have been imprisoned since May 9th because they refuse to accept bail conditions which they believe restrict their right to peacefully protest against the installation of water meters.

Speaking from outside Cloverhill Prison Clare Daly said,

“It is outrageous that two men in their sixties, both with serious medical conditions, have already spent almost two weeks in jail because they peacefully protested against water meter installations. While the men are currently in good spirits and remain defiant there are serious concerns about the impact of a long imprisonment on their health.
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Dean Mulligan reports from Dublin North Disability Forum. 

The Dublin North Disability Forum was organised on the back of the Disable Inequity campaign, which was set up pre-general election in order to make disability rights an integral general election issue. The Forum was organised by the Áiseanna Tacaíochta network and the Disable Inequality campaign. It was refreshing to see a good attendance from the NCBI (working with people with sightless and the blind), GDIL (Greater Dublin Independent Living), DFI (Disability Federation of Ireland), IDS (Irish Deaf society) and Individuals with disabilities and family members along with advocacy groups, disabled individuals, family members and politicians. Politicians from both Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council, were in attendance along with some TD’s from both Dublin Fingal and Dublin Bay North Constituencies. The DNDF was set up as an introduction of possible round table discussions, with a particular emphasis on the UN Convention on the Rights of people with Disabilities (UN-CRPD).
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