Agriculture/Animal Welfare


National Hare Coursing Meeting a National Event of Animal Cruelty

January 31st 2013

It is important that during the National Hare Coursing Meeting in Clonmel, Tipperary this February that we remember the animal cruelty involved in the 3-day event.

The fact cannot be ignored that hare coursing involves the use of cruel techniques such as ‘netting’ to collect the hares from the wild. Cruel techniques are also used to train the hares to run in straight lines on the track. Furthermore the use of weak hares for the practice of ‘blooding’ although illegal still continues today.

Hare coursing is dangerous for hare and dog alike, leading to injuries which cause long term suffering, and which circulates and contributes to a negative cultural attitude towards animals and their wellbeing.

I support the ICABS protest against these cruel practices outside Leinster House on Kildare Street from 12:30-2pm this Friday 1st February, 2013.

Maureen O’Sullivan TD, Independent, Dublin Central.

Clare Daly TD, United Left Alliance, Dublin North.