Abusive treatment of young people at St Patrick’s Institution needs to stop now.

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Clare Daly TD Condemns Delay in Publication of Prison Report

The Inspector of prisons Judge Michael Reilly submitted a damning report on the treatment of young prisoners at St Patrick’s Institution for young offenders. This report was submitted to the Minister for Justice three and a half months ago. The report published yesterday has been described by the Minister as shocking. It can hardly still be shocking over three months later.

Deputy Daly said, “The delay in making this report public is yet another indication of the lack of political will at the centre of this government who are prepared to let young people continue to suffer in an attempt to limit the impact of this appalling report” she continued ” three and a half months is a long time in prisons terms, in fact it could be a whole sentence for some young person. This is another indication that the Children’s referendum is merely an act of lip service when it comes to the protection of children in the care of the state”.

The report is the most critical one judge Reilly has produced since taking office. It sites incidents of bullying, intimidation and degradation perpetrated by a number of prison officers on inmates on hundreds of occasions. The report indicates that some officers “instill fear into prisoners and in particular into those who could be classed as the most vulnerable”. Deputy Daly calls for an end to this degrading treatment young people who have been failed twice by the system.