600,000 more hours to be cut from Home Help Services

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Public Meeting

8 pm Monday 12th November

Carnegie Court, Swords

Labour and Fine Gael are prioritising bankers over the elderly and disabled!

As well as cuts, the government want to privatise the home help services.

Up to now, most home help care has been provided by voluntary, not-for-profit organisations that are funded by the HSE. But the HSE wants to turn over the services to gig antic multi-nationals like Comfort Keepers.

The HSE set up a tender process so that all new care packages will be handed over to private corporations. About €140 million of taxpayers money is being channelled into these private companies and a good slice of it will be taken in profits and bonuses for over-paid directors.

The HSE is awarding contracts to companies that are cutting the wages and conditions of theworkers. This has set off a race to the bottom where the even some of the non-for profit organisations have started to cut home help wages and attack their conditions.

The fantastic response to these cuts by the disabled people who set up camp outside the Dail and forced Reilly to reverse the cuts to Personal Assistants, shows that protests work. But the government is now proposing to transfer these cuts to Mental Health Services.

If we want a decent publicly funded health service we will all need to stand together – come to the meeting -Find out what you can do.