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Public Transport


Election 2016

  • Gridlock is back, as the undermining of public transport forces north county commuters back into cars.
  • Price hikes for reduced train and bus services have become the order of the day, as public transport operators struggle to deal with vicious cuts in state funding, while €62 million in subsidies will be handed to toll road operators up to 2020
  • The Government axed Metro, which should have been operational last year, and are now trying to claim credit for reinstating it, with construction due to start in 2021!

We Say:

  • There needs to be massive state investment in a properly integrated public transport system.
  • Shift the emphasis away from roads, and State subsidisation of private transport.
  • Fast track Metro and the DART extension to Balbriggan.
  • Increase the number of routes and capacity of Nifti as a potentially vital publicly-run rural transport service.

Image: Les Chatfield