24/7 workers hold militant Rally in Tallaght.

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Protests, Worker's Rights

Over 4,000 nurses and other health workers, ambulance and fire crews, Gardai and other public sector workers who work 24/7 held a fantastic and militant rally in Tallaght this week. They are in my opinion absolutely right in saying they can’t, and won’t take any further cuts in pay.

These workers have already taken an across the board 14% cut in pay. Now a further 10% cut is being demanded. The question of overtime rates, premium rates for shift work, for Sundays and unsocial hours in general are important for all workers.

This is part of a general offensive to reduce pay and conditions for all workers. This was shown when this government attempted to roll back Sunday pay and other conditions for workers covered by JLCs last year.

It is outrageous that unions are in talks which involve pay cuts, increased working hours without pay, and more staff reductions in the public service when 430,000 are already on the dole.

The 24/7 workers deserve the support of all working people. United we stand, divided we fall.